The 2019 Christmas Spirit Short Story Challenge is now CLOSED!

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2019 Christmas Spirit Short Story Challenge

Terms and Conditions:

1. The Challenge will start 8 am PST Sunday, 10/27/19 and end at 8 pm PST Sunday, 11/10/19

2. To enter, sign up at: You must provide an accurate email and opt in to receive notices and information about the Challenge by email.

3. There will be an exclusive Facebook Group only for Challenge members. It is not required to join the Facebook Group, but it’s a place where you can ask questions, get support and share your writing. This time it will not be an automatic approval, I will have to approve all requests to join the group. I will send that information to everyone once the Challenge begins.

4. There will be three categories:

a. Miscellaneous-poetry, prose, story under 960 words, artwork, other

    b. 1000-word short story- from 960 words to 1500 words

    c. 2000-word short story-from 1500 words and up

5. All entries received within the entry dates will be considered. I reserve the right to reject any entry for any reason. Entries might be edited by me or returned to author to edit and resubmit.

6. If you submit an entry and don’t hear back from me within 36 hours, it is your responsibility to let me know.

7. Entries must be submitted to: Anything submitted anywhere else will not be considered.

8. Entries can be about anything that falls under the “Christmas Spirit” theme including all winter holidays, winter activities, love, spirits of any kind, etc. It can be romantic, scary, paranormal, etc. If you have questions, please let me know.

The theme is broad but there are some restrictions:

a. No politics

b. No explicit violence or sex (keep it G to PG)

c. No strong curse words

9. Entries will belong to the author but by entering the Challenge you give me the right to use the entry in the 2019 Christmas Spirit Short Story Challenge Anthology, to edit as needed, and you agree that you will not receive compensation for your entry other than the prizes listed below.

10. Authors of entries accepted for the Challenge and publication will be listed as Authors of the Kindle version of the book and will be able to create an author page on Amazon. Due to Amazon policies, only the editor will be listed for the paperback, but all author names will be listed in the table of contents and the Amazon page details.

11. This anthology will be published on Kindle, KU, and paperback with an expected publication date of December 1st, so paperbacks can be delivered before Christmas.

12. There will be four prizes for winners:

a. (3) 1 winner in each category will receive:

** A $10 gift certificate to Amazon and 1 free paperback copy of the anthology

b. (1) Grand prize winner will receive:

** A $25 gift certificate to Amazon, 1 free paperback copy of the anthology, a frame-able print of their entry with the challenge logo

13. All entrants will receive a free .PDF copy of the anthology to review before publication

14. Winners will be chosen by all entrants. Along with the .PDF of the anthology you will receive a survey. The survey will be sent after publication and will be available for at least two weeks for voting. At that time, voting will end, and the winners will be announced and receive their prizes.

15. All rules are subject to change by me, depending on the situation. Any changes will be announced to all entrants.

16. Questions can be posted in the Facebook Group or emailed to me at: